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Robert "Moojjoo" Dannelly, Jr. (Owner)

Moojjoo Blog

Favorite Technologies
Visual Studio .NET, HomeSite
Photo Shop, Image Ready, Flash,
and Sound Forge

Browser of Choice
Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari because the site has to look correct in all browsers

To help individual(s) and company(s) corner the Internet market with their product or service.

Favorite Saying

"Yes, Dear"
"There is not enough time in one day to get what I need done"

Favorite Web Site
Besides it would have to be and other developer Web sites.


Site Design, Content Generation, Graphic Design, HTML, ASP, JavaScript, PhotoShop, Corel Draw, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks,

To develop e-commerce solutions and advance technology standards for the World Wide Web.

I have been doing Web-Work for the past four years. I truly enjoy what I do, I consider it a passion.

Robert Lee Hegler

Favorite Technologies
Photoshop CS, Homesite, Cute FTP
Corel X3, Swishmax, Flash

Browser of Choice
Internet Explorer

To become the best at everything I devote my time to.

Favorite Saying
"I love my guitar "Rock On"

Favorite Web Sites

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