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When the Web first began design was easy. Anybody with knowledge of HTML could put together a web page. But times and technology have changed, and so has the difficult problem of browser compatibility. At Maximum Marketing Web Sites "MMWebs" we solve all of these problems for you.

From creating a sylesheet that you the client likes to animated high- tech Flash movies, we do it all; even the web promotion involved with all the various search engines. MMWebs can design a Web marketing plan to increase your amount of client contacts, and if you continue to read on all your questions will be answered.

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Domain Registration

MMWebs will get your web site registered with the domain name of your choice, "" make arrangements with the host server you prefer, or we can even host your web site as well. See Hosting.

If you sign up with's hosting we will waive that registration fee.

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Don't be fooled by discount services. If you want a quality service that has been in existence since 1997 then look no further. If you want cheap then go elsewhere. Our servers have been running for 7 years and we plan to continue running for many, many more. How long have "They" been running?

All sites are hosted on Win 2K servers running IIS version 5 - service pack 2 with all secure patches. All packages include free setup and free transfer from another ISP. Transfers usually take 2-3 days. FREE domain registration for fastest, painless setup. Just tell us what name you want and we'll register it for you in your name. (domain reg fees not included)

Click here for details on provided First-class servers

  • unlimited bandwidth
  • 1 GB Disk Space ( $8/mo extra per 1 GB increments )
  • unlimited Pop3 e-mail accounts with self-management utilities Web / forwarding / auto response E-mail
  • 90% of spam is filtered out (your choice)
  • ASP/CGI, .NET Framework 1.1-4.0, SQL Server 2008 R2, mySQL, perl, PHP5
  • FTP access Programmer-friendly support / Non-programmer support
  • Site Statistics available online.

No contracts - 99.99% uptime - 24/7 support - Call 704-936-9311 to start today

ALL ABOVE available for $125.00 / year

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For information on web design pricing please contact Maximum Marketing at 704-936-9311

Click here to see examples of our work.

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Search Engine Promotion

For information on Web site Search Engine Promotion please contact Maximum Marketing at 704-936-9311

Click here to Google our work and see the search ranking on Google.

Ebay Advertising

For information on ebay Advertising please contact Maximum Marketing at 704-936-9311

Click here to Google our work and see the search ranking on Google.

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